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Anyone who uses the Capital Bikeshare system to commute to work in the morning at a station where availability can be an issue.

I often find myself checking bike availability apps after all bikes have been taken from my local station, forcing me to take the bus to work. I've saved time AND money using Cyclert.

Also, anyone without a smartphone will love DC Cyclert!

Your bikeshare station must have been sufficiently stocked with bikes! You will only receive a text message when your station is running out of bikes, at the number of bikes you've specified.

The bike threshold is the number of bikes at which you would like to receive your alert.

The time window is the range of time during which you can receive texts. The start time should be set for after you wake up. The end time should be set for the time you will need to leave your house.

A bike alert will notify you when your chosen station is running low on bikes. A dock alert notifies you when your chosen station is running out of docks.

The Sunday Update tells you the average time your station ran out of bikes that week.

Pro tip: use this information to adjust the time you wake up to make sure you won't show up to an empty station!

Sunday updates are a bonus for users whose alert subscription falls within rush-hour morning and afternoon commute times.

To be specific: alert subscriptions that begin between 7am - 9am or 4pm - 6pm qualify for Sunday updates.

No, the text will be sent even if you've already picked up a bike.
Even though my friends and I have been using DC Cyclert for a while, I still have work to do to make sure the system runs well for many users.
The alerts will remain the same, but I plan on charging a small fee per text message.